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Глагол to be. Упражнения


Упражнение 1

Проспрягайте глагол-сказуемое в следующих предложениях

  1. I am a student
  2. I was at home yesterday
  3. I’ll be busy tomorrow

Упражнение 2

Заполните пропуски соответствующей формой глагола to be

  1. Our children … at school
  2. I … at the lesson now
  3. Tommy and Billy … babies
  4. The spoons … on the table
  5. My friend Ziza … a good student
  6. The weather … fine today
  7. My sons … married
  8. I … interested in this work
  9. Our expert … a busy person

Упражнение 3

Поставьте следующие предложения в вопросительную форму. Запишите краткие ответы к общим вопросам.

Образец. Granny is in the village now - Is Granny in the village? Yes, she is. - Granny isn’t in the village now.

  1. My grandparents are rather old
  2. The library is in the room 703
  3. Peter and Andrew are in group 7
  4. It is ten by my watch
  5. Mr. Black is on business
  6. I am fond of traveling
  7. The secretary is very busy at the moment
  8. These engineers are Russian

Упражнение 4

Ответьте на вопросы в утвердительной и отрицательной форме

  1. Was Tom at the ministry yesterday?
  2. Were you at holiday last month?
  3. Was the text difficult?
  4. Were our engineers at the exhibition last week?
  5. Were your parents at the theatre last night?
  6. Was it interesting at the party?
  7. Were you late for lessons yesterday?
  8. Was I impolite yesterday?

Упражнение 5

Прочитайте диалог и заполните пропуски глаголом to be в соответствующей форме

A: My name … John Brown. I … from a British firm. Here … my card. I … here last week, but you … away.

B: Yes, I … on business abroad. What can I do for you, Mr. Brown?

A: Please, show me the contract. I … very glad to see it.